Unveiling the Mysteries of Petra: The Ancient Rose City in Jordan


The sun rises above the city of Petra, one of the great wonders of the world. For thousands of years, the allure of Petra’s history and beauty has captivated travelers to its secluded Jordanian valley. Built by a mysterious people in a unique setting, Petra remains an enigma. In this article, we invite you to join us on a journey to uncover Petra’s secrets, as we uncover the mysteries of the “Ancient Rose City”.

1. Exploring the Ancient Rose City of Petra

Step back in time and explore the mysterious and ancient city of Petra, located in the south of modern-day Jordan. The Rose City is full of hidden wonders and is an unforgettable experience.

Meander through the façade of Petra and take in the awe-inspiring architecture and intricately carved sandstone. Topping the list of Petra’s main attractions is the iconic Treasury. The Treasury is a beautifully preserved carved façade that stands at 40 meters high.

Discover what lies inside the Siq, Petra’s main entrance. The entrance is an 1.2 km long winding, narrow and deep gorge with high cliffs providing a spectacular surprise around each bend. The Siq is the place where you can take in the awe-inspiring adornments and decorations, including columns, statutes and intricate reliefs.

Experience Petra in all its beauty with the Petra at Night event. Hundreds of candles illuminate the ancient city, highlighted by floods of coloured lights that flicker between Petra’s ancient monuments and walls. Make sure to enjoy a traditional Jordanian dinner at the event too.

Take some time to explore Petra’s many attractions. Here is a list of the Rose City’s must-see sites:

  • The Treasury
  • Siq
  • The Monastery
  • Royal Tombs
  • Qasr al-Bint
  • Roman Theatre

Experience the unique wonders of the ancient city of Petra with a visit to the Rose City.

2. The Majestic Splendor of Petra

The ancient city of Petra, Jordan, rivals, and perhaps surpasses, Montezuma’s palace or the Pyramids for sheer majesty. Its tall sandstone structures rise from a seemingly endless sea of glowing orange-pink stone that glows in the rosy dawn and magical moonlight. Within these towering walls, gnarled and silent sentinels watch over the ruined city with timeless stillness.

The magical city of Petra is not, however, simply a place of beauty and serenity. Visiting the city is a journey back through time, through the diverse tapestry of cultures and people who have called Petra home over the centuries. To walk within the city walls and take in the sites is to truly understand both the history and mystery of this ancient wonder.

At the heart of the city, lies Al Khazneh, the ‘Treasury,’ perhaps the most famous monument of the city. It is believed that Al Khazneh was carved from the living rock in the 3rd century BC, and it still stands as a testament to the skill of the ancient architects. Visiting the treasury is a mystical experience; both awe-inspiring and sublime.

The ‘Street of Facades,’ where some 40 buildings have been carved into the sandstone cliffs, is the other main attraction among tourists. Located on the way out of the city, the ‘street of facades’ was once the main thoroughfare of Arabian traders from the 1st century BCE. Even today, the facades are strikingly beautiful with intricate carvings covering the walls.

  • The sole of the Monastery, located close to the end of the ancient city, is the largest monument in Petra.
  • The ancient city receives the bulk of its water from the Great Siq, a natural rift that winds around the city.

Today, the majestic beauty of Petra has been a source of inspiration for many living there and thousands of visitors from across the world. From the awe-inspiring structures to the rich culture, Petra remains one of the great wonders of the world and a visit to the city is an amazing experience.

3. Revealing Petra’s Mysteries to the World

The lost city of Petra has long been an alluring destination for thrill-seekers, adventurers, and history explorers. Shrouded in mystery, tales of the city’s origins, temple art, and other riddles captivate the minds of all who dare venture. Today, it’s a UNESCO Heritage Site and one of the most visited spots in Jordan.

To uncover the secrets of Petra, you don’t need to be an Indiana Jones-style archeologist; all it takes is a bit of life-long learning. From the iconic monuments to the ruins of its once glorious history, Petra unravels her secrets to those willing to take the time to explore. Here are a few noteworthy facts to provide the perfect introduction:

  • Geography: Petra is located in what is now known as Jordan, and is believed to have been built by the Nabataeans. Its rose-red color comes from the mountainous sandstone of the region.
  • Religions: Petra was the site of both Christian and pagan worship, and the city is dotted with statues of many deities.
  • Trade: For centuries, the city was a key trading hub due to its strategic location and proximity to the Red Sea.

To fully grasp Petra’s grandeur, nothing compares to a visit. Near the entrance of the city lies the Treasury, a 144-foot high façade of ornately carved sandstone. Walking down the Siq— the narrow pathway lined with cliffs— offers a glimpse of what life in Petra was like centuries ago. Other spectacular architectures like Roman-style theaters, tombs, baths, and ceremonial sites are a testament to a past that is still alive and well.

From entrancing architecture to beautiful landscapes, Petra is an unmissable destination for those looking to uncover exciting historical mysteries. With so much to explore, discovering new secrets to this ancient city is what makes a visit to Petra unforgettable.

4. Capturing the Magic of the Rose City

Portland is a place of history and beauty woven together, and the charming city of Portland has earned itself the nickname of “the Rose City”. People from near and far are drawn to its unique charm and vibrant energy.

  • The Beauty of the Rose City – Portland is a picturesque city with something interesting on every street corner. From its bustling downtown to its hidden pathways through city parks, the city contains a number of landscapes and topographies. Even the rain here adds to the magic of the city, particularly in the springtime when the world is refreshed with the promise of new life.
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Ultimately, what makes Portland so special and unique is the range of experiences its citizens are able to have with each other. From its beautiful landscapes to its diverse population, Portland offers something for everyone. A visit to the Rose City is a chance for a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Whether you dream of ancient archaeology, fabled tales of a lost city, or an otherworldly landscape, Petra is sure to amaze you. At the same time, it will also bring to light a part of human history, and how it still manages to be alive in the present. As you explore the many facets of this magical city, you’re sure to discover something new that you never knew before. Petra is truly a must-see – an unforgettable place that boasts an incredible journey back in time.


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