Choosing Sustainable Accommodations: Eco-Friendly Stays Worldwide


Traveling the world has always been a dream for many people, however, how we travel has become increasingly important in recent years. To help preserve the planet, more and more people are choosing to travel sustainably. That means staying in eco-friendly accommodations that minimize their impact on the planet. Even if you’re on a budget, there are many eco-friendly options for accommodations all over the world. Read on to discover the unique possibilities of choosing sustainable accommodations and learn how you can find eco-friendly stays around the globe.

1. Exploring More Sustainable Accommodation Options Around the Globe

The world of travel has seen a shift towards sustainability in recent years, and sustainable accommodation is of the utmost importance. From eco-friendly resorts, to sustainable bed and breakfasts and more, there are many ways travellers can reduce their impact while still enjoying their travels.

Glamping is a growing trend that makes the outdoors more accessible for all. Glamping sites provide a luxurious experience for guests while treading lightly on the environment. From safari tents to camping pods and yurts, these sites often use renewable energy sources to power their accommodations and offer sustainable activities to guests.

Another form of eco-friendly accommodation is eco-resorts. These luxurious resorts make a conscious effort to be as sustainable as possible, using recycled materials to construct buildings, implementing grey water systems to reduce water waste, and exploring energy efficiencies to power their resorts. Travellers can also find water activities and nature tours run by these sustainable resorts.

Hostels are a great way to reduce your footprint while still seeing a new place. Not just the domain of the uni student and the budget backpacker, hostels are a great source of information on potential day-trips and activities, as well as providing budget-friendly beds. While hostels vary from place to place in terms of sustainability, some hostels have set themselves apart to become entirely eco-friendly in terms of energy usage and labelling.

Finally, volunteer travel has become increasingly popular and is the perfect way to explore a new destination while contributing to a cause you believe in. Volunteer travel opportunities include mangrove reforestation programs, animal conservation programs, permaculture courses and eco-lodges. You can immerse yourself in local culture while making a difference and gaining a unique perspective on global sustainability.

2. Why Choose Sustainable Accommodations?

Sustainable accommodations are an increasingly popular choice for travelers looking for a way to reduce their impact on the environment. Here are just a few of the reasons why they make good travel choices:

  • Environmental Benefits – Sustainable accommodations are designed to minimize impact on the environment. These practices include reduced water and energy usage, waste management, and use of eco-friendly materials and building techniques. This makes a big difference in preserving natural resources and making travel more eco-friendly.
  • Support Local Communities – Sustainable accommodations can bring tangible benefits to local communities. They often focus on developing local culture and use local products and services, so that proceeds from guests are reinvested back into the community. This helps to reduce poverty and improve conditions in the area.
  • Experience Authentic Culture – Eco-friendly accommodations often bring travelers close to traditional customs and cultural experiences. This allows travelers to address the true identity of the locals, rather than the obvious tourist elements.
  • Reduced Impact of Tourism – Sustainable accommodations help to reduce the impact of tourism on the environment. By reducing the amount of resources and energy needed to operate, they protect the environment and improve local conditions.

Sustainable accommodations offer travelers a chance to make a difference in the world with their travel choices. For those looking to do their part in conservation, eco-friendly accommodations provide a meaningful way to both reduce their environmental impact and support local communities.

3. Seeking Out Eco-Friendly Stays Every Step of the Way

In the age of consciousness and concern for environmental sustainability, eco-friendly stays are high on the list of priorities for many travelers. Here are three ways to greenify your stay and limit your impact while you’re on the go.

  • Consider hyper-local lodging. Book a room in a homestay where you can engage with locals and support the local economy. Boutique hotels and bed-and-breakfasts provide unique and sustainable stays, and in many areas, you can find yurts, barns, and treehouses to rent, too!
  • Take transport into account. Many hotels offer bike and e-car rentals so you can get around on two wheels or no fuel, and you’re likely to find public transport not far from most lodgings. Check to see what your options are to decrease your impact and increase your experiences!
  • Check for sustainable practices & certifications. You’ve probably already seen “Certified Green” signs outside of hotels. By seeking out these establishments (or better yet, researching if individual locations have earned recognition), you can ensure you’re supporting local green practices. It’ll also help narrow the scope of your research.

Eco-friendly stays are becoming increasingly popular and easier to find every day. Keep these tips in your back pocket and you can rest easier knowing you’ve done your part. Bon voyage!


Focus and Fidelity

When it comes to getting things done, focus is required. Without a clear focus on your goals, how can you hope to achieve anything? Unfortunately, focus also has a flip side. Become too focused and you’ll quickly find yourself stuck. That’s why it’s important to maintain a balance between focus and fidelity.

Focus gives you a target to hit, but fidelity allows for changes along the way. Fidelity lets you hold onto your end goal, while you smoothly adjust your path to get there. This is particularly useful if you find yourself running into roadblocks, and it’s a great way to approach any kind of problem solving.

Seeing a task through with an appropriate level of fidelity requires you to become an agile thinker. That’s a skill that anyone can acquire with a bit of practice. To start, try breaking a task down into even sections and then evaluating how to adjust each one to better accommodate your overall plan.

  • Break tasks down into sub-tasks before tackling them.
  • Take each task one-by-one in order to maintain focus.
  • Be prepared to adjust your path along the way.
  • Think agilely and practice focusing on fidelity.

By focusing on the fusion of focus and fidelity, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck while completing any of your tasks. Keep your head on straight and your goals achievable, and you’ll soon find yourself on the path to success.

At the end of the day, choosing a sustainable accommodation is more than just selecting an eco-friendly place to stay; it’s a commitment to protecting the planet while enjoying your travels with a clear conscience. The world really is your oyster – get out and explore it responsibly. Happy travels!


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