Post-Pandemic Travel Boom: Record Numbers of Tourists Return


The world came to a grinding halt in early 2020 when the novel Coronavirus spread rapidly across global communities. What followed was a period of intense uncertainty as countries scrambled to impose strict travel regulations in an effort to flatten the curve. Fast forward to 2021 and the post-pandemic future is beginning to come into focus. With remarkable determination and ingenuity, global citizens are getting back to the freedom of travel, and observers are predicting a monumental return of tourists in the months to come. Get ready for an unparalleled post-pandemic travel boom!

1. A Homecoming at Last: An Upturn in Post-Pandemic Tourists

For many travelers, homecoming is on its way as restrictions surrounding the novel coronavirus continue to ease up. And, it’s finally time for these adventuresome individuals to turn their sights back toward familiar faces and nostalgic places.

One clear sign of this: Tourism in some of the world’s most visited places is beginning to tick up again. Take, for example, the South Pacific region of Tahiti-Moorea, one of the world’s oldest tourist destinations. Since the beginning of 2021, this pleasure-seeker’s paradise has seen an impressive growth in arrivals, attracting more travelers than 2020 and 2019 combined. It’s clear that people are ready to travel—and they’re looking for destinations that provide safety, beauty and a variety of leisure activities.

A major factor in the upswing of travelers here? The island’s top-notch health standards and advanced safety protocols. These include:

  • Two PCR tests prior to departure. For visitors embarking on flights from Los Angeles, a mandatory two-step PCR test (plus an antigen test for children under 6 years old) is now required before travel.
  • COVID-19 -friendly protocols. Once in Tahiti-Moorea, tourists must adhere to a number of pandemic protocols, including frequent handwashing, wearing face masks and physical distancing.
  • Access to onsite medical professionals. Hotels, resorts and other accommodations are also required to have medical staff onsite at all times, as well as a 24/7 emergency line.

Every corner of the islands is also taking steps to be as safe as possible. From restaurants limiting their serving capacity to beaches requiring masks and physical distancing, the sights and activities that make Tahiti-Moorea a sought-after destination are still available, but now with an added layer of protection.

It’s clear that with the right safety measures in place, there’s no better time to enjoy a homecoming to an adventure-filled destination like Tahiti-Moorea. So, go ahead and mark your calendar—it’s time for a much-needed, post-pandemic getaway.

2. Travellers Rejoice! A Post-Pandemic Travel Boom

Travelling is one of life’s greatest joys. With the end of the pandemic finally in sight, it means that we can once again enjoy long-awaited trips, exotic beaches, and thrilling cultural experiences. Now is the time for all travellers to rejoice and begin planning their post-pandemic adventures!

A Bright Future
Travel during the pandemic has been limited to essential trips only, leaving many with a longing for distant horizons and time spent exploring new places. Luckily, travel restrictions are slowly being lifted, meaning that many of us can once again look forward to planning big trips and exploring far-reaching corners of the world.

Booking Buzz
It’s no surprise that online travel agencies are receiving an influx of bookings. Social media sites are also coming alive with the excited posts of travellers sharing their plans for upcoming trips. Everyone is looking forward to finally being able to take a break and enjoy the experiences that travelling has to offer.

Getting Back Out There
Travellers have been warned to consider their safety and do their due diligence when researching their destinations. Everything from task-lighting infrastructure to preventive health measures should be taken into consideration before planning a post-pandemic trip.

Whether you’re looking to see the world for the first time or delve deeper into a faraway culture, there are a lot of exciting opportunities for travellers in the post-pandemic world. So, after the long pandemic pause, let’s get out there and explore!

  • Pack your bags and hit the open road
  • Ready for a grand adventure
  • Prepare for a fantastic post-pandemic getaway

3. Exploring Abroad Again: Quality Time Away Amidst Record Numbers of Tourists

Exploring abroad is back in style. After years of seclusion, travelers are once again packing their bags for the trips of their dreams. As lockdown eases, many countries are quickly becoming overloaded with tourists, pushing vacationers to dig deeper to find the unique experiences they crave. Here’s how to make this season’s journey abroad worthwhile:

  • Be mindful of locals – their hospitality and patience may be running thin due to the sheer number of tourists flocking to their towns. Show appropriate respect and be cognizant of culture-specific customs.
  • Travel away from the tourist hotspots. It’s easy to get sucked into the tourist hubs where prices tend to skyrocket. Venture further afield and explore the hidden gems in the area.
  • Spend your money locally. It’s always important to support local businesses, but this year it’s especially crucial. As their tourist patrons dry up, locals are depending on tourist visits to help keep their businesses alive.

Start planning now and make this vacation count! This season, promise yourself to find unique activities and unforgettable experiences. Take the time to connect with locals or mingle with expats who have made this place home. Enjoy the moments that make up your journey. From cultural festivals to picturesque sunsets, your time away will be filled with quality memories.

Open your eyes and go explore! While the world may seem chaotic, there are still unknown wonders to be discovered. Let your curiosity guide the way and make sure you preserve the beauty for generations to come.

4. Navigating the Return of Carefree Travels: Tips for the 2021 Post-Pandemic Travel Boom

The travel industry has been hampered since the beginning of the pandemic, yet 2021 is providing glimmers of hope as more and more people are ready to explore the world again. As a result, people are becoming increasingly curious about the tips for safely navigating the post-pandemic world. Here are our four key tips for carefree travelling during this travel boom.

1. Play it safe: While the post-pandemic world is offering opportunities for travel, it is very important for travellers to stay safe and follow all the required health protocols. It is necessary to check all the Covid-19 restrictions and safety regulations before travelling. Make sure to follow basic safety rules such as social distancing and to wear face masks when required.

2. Consider alternate destinations: As restrictions differ when travelling abroad, it is important to determine if you can travel safely to your planned destination or if you should consider alternatives. It might be wise to concentrate on exploring areas within your country or continent, or to get out of big cities and explore quieter locations.

3. Opt for safer transportation: As public transportation may have high levels of contact between passengers, it might be wise to opt for other safer modes of travelling such as driving or using private transportation services. Be aware of the safety protocols they offer for passengers and also check if extra hygiene and precautionary measures are being taken while travelling.

4. Adapt to a slower pace: Even though travel has resumed, the pace of travelling has shifted from being a hectic schedule to a more relaxed one. We recommend travellers to slow down and enjoy their journey as much as possible. Focus on exploring regions deeper and being aware of your surroundings to avoid being in tight situations.

  • Follow safety protocols.
  • Opt for safer transportation.
  • Explore within your country or continent.
  • Adapt to a slower pace.

As people around the world slowly begin to shake off the dust of the pandemic, many are finding comfort in the safe familiarity of reconnecting with places that were previously out of reach. Post-pandemic travel is a sign of hope for a future of freedom, adventure, and joy. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags – adventure awaits!


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